Dropping sets for body weight exercises.

Dropping sets in body weight exercises

In order to improve strength and grow muscle, first the muscle tissues are to be torn. Only then, while muscles repair, they grow. So, for this to happen dropping sets is important. Dropping sets is link dropping intensity. Dropping intensity refers to a workout set, where the most intensity exercise is done first and then the intensity of the exercises are to be reduced gradually. Now, let's see how and what all variations we can do, with various body weight exercises.

All this is very easy to do when it comes to weight training. Because, in the gym there are various weights and drop sets can be done by using or lifting the heaviest weight possible and reducing the weight gradually. But, on the other hand, when it comes to body weight exercises, almost every exercise incorporates the whole weight or partial weight of the body. This might be one of  the reasons why people believe that strength and muscle can't be built by doing calisthenics or body weight exercises.

This can be easily solved by following a proper plan and learning various new moves. This is not actually a problem, but this is a good thing to use our own body doing many compound movements.

So, now I am gonna give you dropping sets exercises or intensity varying moves for each exercise. Here we go...

Push up: Push up is a great exercise to build chest and triceps. Now, in order to drop sets for this exercise, you should know how to vary the intensity. So, here are the higher to lower intensity variations for push up.
1) Single hand push up
2) Incline push up
2) Regular push up
3) Knee push up

Pull ups: Drop sets for pull up, the varying intensities are
1) One arm pull up
2) Wide grip pull up
3) Close grip pull up
4) One arm Australian pull up
5) Australian pull ups

Squats: Now, dropping squats for squats...
1) Pistol squats or assisted pistol squats
2) Jumping squats
3) Regular squats

Dips: Drop sets for dips.
1) Intense parallel bar dips
2) Inclined bench dips
3) Bench dips

Those are a the dropping sets of a few body weight exercises. Drop sets for further body weight  exercises will be here soon;)

Feel free to ask any questions on these exercises and anything related to this...


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