Build muscle faster by Muscle Hypertrophy Training

Muscle hypertrophy training In short, hypertrophy is nothing but to build muscle. As you know, muscle grows only after it gets damaged. So, once your muscle gets damaged in a workout, it grows bigger when you rest. And the process of damaging the muscle correctly to gain bigger muscle is called Muscle hypertrophy training. Ways to incorporate Muscle hypertrophy training To obtain muscle hypertrophy, there are a certain things you should change in your training. One of those changes you could make is minimising the rest time between reps and sets. This helps in working more on a particular set of muscles. Also working out more frequently can also help to obtain Muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle mind connection is very important while performing any exercise, and especially for hypertrophy, where the main aim is to damage muscle there by increase gains, it plays a vital role. What this actually does is, the muscle you concentrate on will be contracted or flexed more when compared to the situat…

Dropping sets for body weight exercises.

Dropping sets in body weight exercisesIn order to improve strength and grow muscle, first the muscle tissues are to be torn. Only then, while muscles repair, they grow. So, for this to happen dropping sets is important. Dropping sets is link dropping intensity. Dropping intensity refers to a workout set, where the most intensity exercise is done first and then the intensity of the exercises are to be reduced gradually. Now, let's see how and what all variations we can do, with various body weight exercises.

All this is very easy to do when it comes to weight training. Because, in the gym there are various weights and drop sets can be done by using or lifting the heaviest weight possible and reducing the weight gradually. But, on the other hand, when it comes to body weight exercises, almost every exercise incorporates the whole weight or partial weight of the body. This might be one of  the reasons why people believe that strength and muscle can't be built by doing calisthenic…

Top 5 body weight exercises

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Body weight exercises are the most versatile form of exercises that one can do to build strength and form while performing a movement. And the history of body weight exercises might date back to the origin of exercises or even the evolution of mankind ;). So, over the years we have been discovering a lot of body weight exercises or movements that could help build strength to every muscle possible in the body. And from all those bazillion exercises, here are a few body weight exercises, I picked, that I feel everyone should know.

Top 5 body weight exercises1) Pull ups:
In my most recent article, I have talked about the ways you could use to progress and perform these exercises. Now, I will share what all I know about the advantages that these exercises bring. As you might already know that, most of the body weight exercises are compound exercises. Unlike isolated movements, compound movements work on multiple muscle groups at a time. So, pull ups also concentrate on multiple m…

Top 5 progressions to do pull ups for beginners

Progressions are very important when it comes to full range of motion, People often do kipping pull ups to get the number specified in their program. But it doesn't improve strength. Pull ups for beginners could be tough in order to get the full range of motion. So, a less intensity alternative can be incorporated in order to improve strength to complete a perfect pull up. For that matter, every exercise will have a progression.

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Here, as we know that pull up is a bodyweight exercise, we have a limited progressions to work on. To find out correct progressions, we first need to understand the movement of the exercise and the muscle involved in the movement. So, while performing a regular pull up, the main muscles that are concentrated are more of the muscles in the upper back, triceps and biceps.

The image below shows the exact muscle portion concentrated while performing a pull up.

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As the above image shows, it's a wide grip pull up and a lot of muscles …