Build muscle faster by Muscle Hypertrophy Training

Muscle hypertrophy training

In short, hypertrophy is nothing but to build muscle. As you know, muscle grows only after it gets damaged. So, once your muscle gets damaged in a workout, it grows bigger when you rest. And the process of damaging the muscle correctly to gain bigger muscle is called Muscle hypertrophy training.

Ways to incorporate Muscle hypertrophy training

To obtain muscle hypertrophy, there are a certain things you should change in your training. One of those changes you could make is minimising the rest time between reps and sets. This helps in working more on a particular set of muscles. Also working out more frequently can also help to obtain Muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle mind connection is very important while performing any exercise, and especially for hypertrophy, where the main aim is to damage muscle there by increase gains, it plays a vital role. What this actually does is, the muscle you concentrate on will be contracted or flexed more when compared to the situation where you just do a movement without any body mind connection. Easy way for body mind connection is to completely focus on the targeted muscle. The rep range might be around 8-12 reps and it comes down to person to person though. The ultimate goal is to go almost to the last rep you could do. 

Rest is must, muscle grows only when you rest. That's the time your muscle recovers.
As stated above, working out more frequently can help to obtain hypertrophy. That doesn't mean to over train. when you start over training, your strength decreases. That's not at all a good thing. Muscle requires at least 24 hours to 48 hours to recover. So, if you are training one body part once a week, then try to train that body part 2-3 times a week. This can be done by working on a muscle every alternate day in a week or incorporating full body work out in the training.

Finally good training, proper food and rest, these are the things you need to build strength and there by build muscle. The tips to start Muscle hypertrophy training, as stated above, can make your training more effective.

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