Top 5 body weight exercises

Body weight exercises are the most versatile form of exercises that one can do to build strength and form while performing a movement. And the history of body weight exercises might date back to the origin of exercises or even the evolution of mankind ;). So, over the years we have been discovering a lot of body weight exercises or movements that could help build strength to every muscle possible in the body. And from all those bazillion exercises, here are a few body weight exercises, I picked, that I feel everyone should know.

Top 5 body weight exercises

1) Pull ups:

In my most recent article, I have talked about the ways you could use to progress and perform these exercises. Now, I will share what all I know about the advantages that these exercises bring. As you might already know that, most of the body weight exercises are compound exercises. Unlike isolated movements, compound movements work on multiple muscle groups at a time. So, pull ups also concentrate on multiple muscle groups, most of the back muscles are concentrated, some part of biceps and triceps,  latissimus or commonly called lats are concentrated. Precisely pull ups are the killer exercise for shield back and overall upper body.

2) Squats:

Often people neglect lower body, but it is very important to work on lower body to get overall strength. It looks and feels odd when the upper body is buffed and the lower body is kinda weak or sloppy.

In my view there is no exercise for the lower body that can hit as many muscles as this exercise squats hit. Almost every muscle in the lower body is worked while performing this exercise (glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads). It works on your abdomen too. Increases the muscle mass of overall lower body.

3) Push ups:

Push ups, just like any other exercise discussed here, push-ups are also compound exercises which works on multiple muscle groups in the upper body. It mainly works on  pectoralis or chest muscles and the triceps. In addition core, shoulder and overall upper body is involved.

4) Lunges:

Like squats, lunges are also one of the most effective exercises for the lower body. They mostly concentrate on quads, also concentrate on hamstrings, calves, glutes and over all lower body strength and posture.

5) Dips:

In a sense, there are two variations in dips. One for chest and one for triceps, those muscles are mostly concentrated in those variations, but being a compound movement, it is most effective exercise for total upper body.

I mentioned two variations, for chest the head leans looking down.
For triceps, the head is straight looking forward.

Almost all the body weight exercises are based on these 5 movements...


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